The Property Valuation Office is headed by Mag. Ing. Robert Ślemp, who is registered under licence number 3846.

We perform property valuation in terms of the purpose of the valuation, the type and location, its purpose within the local land-use plan, its state of development, its links to the local infrastructure, its use and management and on the basis of available prices of comparable properties. We then present the results of the analysis as a written property valuation: an official document which states the value of the property as assessed by a real estate expert. We are extremely careful to make sure that the expert opinions we submit fully reflect our expertise and that the results of the appraisals give our customers the realistic information they need to make their decisions.
Here is a list of reasons to have property valued:

  • To buy or sell property,
  • To collateralize a loan,
  • To adjust the rate of interest for a hereditary lease,
  • To invest in real estate,
  • To divide assets,
  • To set death tax or gift tax,
  • Property insurance, etc.
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